Coming of Age Portraits

Coming of Age Portraits are designed for youth 12-21 yrs old to support their life and development.

Through a process of intentional creation of photographic reflections, they can express who they are, who they want to be seen as, who they are becoming, and who they dream to be. The aim is to assist them to see and know their strength, beauty, and creativity in a new and empowering way.

This can be an opportunity to celebrate and honor a rite of passage, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah or other milestone in life.

Coming of Age Portraits are especially supportive in times of change.

At the bottom of this page is a list of questions to answer to help envision and design the session. From their responses we will talk about how their interests and aspirations relate to photography sets, locations, activities, outfits, and props.

The portrait session will happen outdoors and with the use of a portable studio.

Kamali_017 (1).jpg

Questions to answer to support the unique design of the portrait project:

1. Which elemental energies do you most resonate with (i.e., earth, water, fire, air, metal, wood, etc) and why?

1a. Which do you wish to include in the photoshoot?

2. What geographic areas do you like most to be in (i.e., forest, beach, city, river, mountaintop, etc)?

3. What is your favorite time of day?

4. What are some of your most cherished possessions?

4a. Do any seem to be special personal ‘power’ objects for you?

5. Can you share or describe your favorite photo(s) of yourself?

5a. What do you love about this/these photos?

6. Are there any images you've dreamed of seeing yourself as being?

7. List three websites of anyone you know (artists/musicians,etc) who are expressing themselves and using imagery in a way that is inspiring to you?

7a. What is it about what they are doing that you admire?

8. How do you want to feel when you see the images from your project?

8a. How you would like others to feel when they see these images of you?

9. In what ways would you see yourself using the images, i.e., on your altar, as a gift to someone, sharing them online, on your website, in an art project, etc??

10. What are some of your archetypal characters?

10a. Which most resonate to include in the photoshoot?

11. Who are your heroes?

12. What makes you come alive? i.e., what are you doing when you feel most alive?

13. What inspires you most?

14. What do you wish to say & express to the world?

15. What do you see as your Offering to the world?

16. What are your favorite words right now?

17. What are your intentions for this portrait project?

18. Having answered the above questions, what types of pictures of yourself do you imagine and dream of making through this project?

19. What questions do you want to answer that aren't in this questionnaire?