Every photographer has a unique point of view and gift they bring to the table. Mine is to evoke and capture people's exuberant expression. To me this is what makes a great image stand out from the rest: aliveness. Everyone is diverse, every moment unique, and bringing people out of their shells and translating this vitality into frozen moments is my gift.

I'm a photographer and performer based in San Francisco and I've been professionally creating imagery (and performance art) since the turn of this millenium.

I know these two artistic paths synergize and fuel my creative fire in different ways. My photography is developing in multiple directions and shoots have recently taken me to Asia, Australia, Europe, and Central America. At the same time I've been performing with numerous companies doing modern dance, butoh, spoken word, fire dance, stilt walking, giant puppetry, and yes, even shamanic cheerleading.

Creativity and vitality is in all of us in wild abundance. We just have to let it out. I'm here to perceive and evoke this aliveness, and to record and reflect it.

Life is art, and life is discovery. The story of this is always evolving. Expression catalyzes this. Photography captures it.